Meursault Comes to Niagara

My wine club, the Grape Friends, was fortunate to welcome Vittorio De Stefano (co- founder) and Peter Gamble (consultant & winemaker) of On Seven Estate Winery located in Niagara-on-the-Lake for a tutored tasting of their southern Burgundian styled wines. Background (a quick version) Vittorio was born in Toronto to an Italian family fond of makingContinue reading “Meursault Comes to Niagara”

Rediscovering Riesling – But Make It Dry, Please!

Ask an average wine consumer about Riesling and you will probably get the following response, “Oh, it’s too sweet for me. I like dry wines.” But the truth is, Riesling wines can range from extra dry to lusciously sweet – with several styles in between (off-dry, medium sweet, even sparkling) – it all depends onContinue reading “Rediscovering Riesling – But Make It Dry, Please!”

Minor “Grape” Players in Niagara, For Now

I’ve written about the best grape varieties suited to the Niagara wine growing region as well as climate change – in particular how it is affecting grape growing in the Niagara. Now, I’d like to mention the other grape varieties or minor players appearing in our vineyards. The climate is warming – and a possibleContinue reading “Minor “Grape” Players in Niagara, For Now”